How to purchase?

We give you a few options of where you can get our Vedic books and Audio.

Option 1: Direct Purchase

Every Saturday from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM IST, you can pay us a visit in Malleswaram, Bangalore, India to purchase the Vedic products directly from us. Just send us a Whatsapp message (preferable) or a text message (SMS) to this number (+91 97397 81284) or to our mail ID: [email protected], with your requirements and we will pass on the location details to you. You may send your requirements in the following format.
Your Name:
Item 1.

Please note that we may cancel your appointment giving one day’s advance notice, at our discretion.

Option 2: Retailers / Resellers

Most of our books and CDs are available with the retailers mentioned. We urge you to contact them and check availability of inventory with them. If they keep saying that they don’t have stock, kindly ask them / request them / pressure them to get the necessary stock for you. Click here to see the list of retailers who have stock of our products.
Overseas customers, you can either ask these retailers if they can ship the products to your country or you can have your friends/family in India, purchase and ship it to you.

Option 3: Amazon India

We are an FBA registered seller on and most of our books are made available there. You can visit our storefront by clicking this affiliate link:
We restock books only when sufficient quantities of books are sold out. We are unable to list our Audio CDs at the moment, and will keep you posted once we are able to.
Overseas customers, you can purchase the products through and ship to your friends/family in India who can then ship it to you.

Option 4: Digital Downloads of Audio

You can visit the respective product pages of our Vedic Audio albums to get the download link / streaming link of various popular online music platforms like – iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play etc. Currently the Suktas album is not available online in those platforms.
Also currently, we are not offering any of our Vedic books as digital downloads.