Support Us / Dakshina

Many people have appreciated our efforts and the work we do in presenting the Vedas in the highest standards. If you are actively listening and learning from our videos on YouTube, and you wish to support our efforts, you can do so through the options listed below. We are immensely thankful to our patrons and contributors who have supported us to create high quality Vedic content on our YouTube channel.

Option 1 – Dakshina

If you are actively learning from our videos and wish to provide Dakshina to Sri K Suresh and the Vedic scholars, you may do so by clicking on the links below. This will also go towards covering some of the production costs in creating more high quality Vedic Content on YouTube.

Option 2 – Full Sponsorship of Videos

If you are a business / individual and wish to fully sponsor an individual video(s) and the associated production costs, please drop a mail to

We will mention your name / Organization name in our video(s) on YouTube.


Option 3 – Purchase our Vedic books

We have a good selection of books published by Sri K Suresh. You can use these books for your personal use in your study. You can also purchase the Vedic books and give it to Paatashaalas which will be of use for them. We especially recommend giving the very rare book – Shukla Yajur Veda Kanva Samhita & Pada Vol.1&2 to Paatashalas practicing that Veda, as it will be incredibly useful to them. Please visit the Shop page to purchase.

Option 4 – The Ghanapati – YouTube Channel Memberships

You can get monthly memberships to our YouTube Channel – The Ghanapati. This will remove all ads from appearing on our videos whenever you watch them and help cover our Video Production efforts.