Horoscope Match


As a first step, we would like to give some clues to people who are asking help for their son/daughter’s marriage, especially to match their horoscope with others. We provide a table, which contain maximum combination and its results. You can verify, whether it is okay or not. But to decide, I’ll give you some tips, so that you can minimize your time and effort.

Please scroll to the bottom of this post to download the excel file.

You may need to enable macros in the excel workbook.

How to enter data and find match:

Enter the code for Girl star and padam (leg of star), since some stars are spread in two raasies. (codes are given in the same sheet for your reference) Then enter code for Boy’s star and padam (leg of star) Immediately, in the right side, it shows the corresponding raasi and the result of Match. The numbers in the result indicate the matches (porutham) and the legend for that is given in the same table. If you want to print, then click the button appearing there to print. You can choose from 36 x 36 combinations. There are totally 1296 results for its combinations. The numbers shown in each cells are the Matches for two persons.

There are 10 Matches to be verified for joining two horoscopes for their betterment in their life. Out of ten, Dhinam, Rajju, Ganam, Yoni and Raasi (five matches) are considered very important. Even out of these five matches, Dhinam and Rajju are very very important. Out of these five, some people give importance to Dhinam, some give importance to Ganam and some give importance to Raasi and some give importance to Yoni.

The Benefits of 10 Matches are given below:

    1. Dhinam: This indicate the luck, health and longevity of partners.
    2. Ganam: This indicates the peace of mind in their life.
    3. Mahendran: This indicate level of wealth especially money to be generated by them in future.
    4. Sthree Dhirgam: This indicates all kinds of wealth to be acquired in their life.
    5. Yoni: This indicates the intimacy between the partners in their private life.
    6. Raasi: This indicates the birth (progeny) and luck to have children.
    7. Raasi Adhipathi: This indicates more generations in their life.
    8. Vashiyam: This indicate the intimacy level between the partners in general life and misunderstanding between them.
    9. Rajju: This indicates the longevity of partners and losing partner within short time.
    10. Vedhai: This indicates elimination of sorrow/bad patch in life.

The same legend has been given in the table. Now you, yourself can see the validity of any two horoscopes for your friends, son or daughter. This is basic step for matching two horoscopes. But I can give more tips for you now, especially towards the matching of two horoscope based on my research and findings.

Tips for Matching apart from 10:

This is very important to note apart from normal 10 matches of any two horoscopes: When Girl’s Raasi Adhipathi (lord of Moon Raasi) and Boy’s Raasi Adhipathi are:

a) Same or
b) Friends or
c) Two raasi are sama sapthamam (7/7)

Then, even though they have Dhosham on Ganam, Raasi, Rajju and Vedhai, they can get married.

Dhosha Samyam (Cancellation of Dhosham):

When in Girl’s Chart, from the Langa (Ascendant), Moon and Venus (Sukran) see 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th places. When there are any Evil planets (malefic or Papa Grahams) then it will be cancelled when similar planets are occupied in Boy’s Chart, even though it could be from moon instead of Langa or Venus or vice versa. This is called cancellation of Dhosham.

    • In Girl’s chart, when langna, Moon are strong and 4th, 7th and 8th places are aspected (viewed) by Good Planets (Subha Grahams), then it is very good.
    • In General, when the planets occupying in 7th places from Lagna are not the lord’s of 6th, 8th and 12th (places from Lagna) then it is good.
    • In General, even the malefic planet (papa graham) is in the 7th place, it would be good, when he is the lord of 7th house.
    • In Girl’s chart, when planet in 8th place are depleted (neecham) or enemy and when it is aspected by Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury (Bhudan) or by Moon (growing moon) with full strength, it is very good.
    • In Boy’s chart, when 5th and 7th places are aspected by lords of 5th or 7th, his marriage life would be very good.
    • When the place of Moon in girl’s chart is occupied in place of Lagna or Sun in Boy’s Chart, (or vice versa) intimacy between them is good.
    • See the Moon raasi in girl’s chart. When the same raasi in Boy’s chart is occupied by lord of 7th house of boy’s chart (or vice versa), their intimacy is good.
    • When Moon Raasi in girl’s chart is the 7th place from lagna in boy’s chart, then it is good. When planets are exalted, no words to say about their life.
    • In a horoscope, the place of Jupiter ( Guru), Venus, Mars ( Sevvai) are in 3rd, 5th, 9th, and 11th place in another horoscope, (from lagna in another chart) then this is a good match.

Sevvai Dhosham (Kuja Dhosham):

People who come to me say that the chart they bring has Kuja Dosham. I think, they may be right going by the General Rule. But, to my experience/ knowledge, Kuja Dhosha is very rare. We have to see the cancellation of this dosham in their horoscope itself. By remembering the rules, it would be easy to check.

For your curiosity I explain this in detail , and most probably, you will not find any Kuja dosha any further (I hope).

General Rule of Kuja Dosham:

In any chart, from Lagna, moon and Venus, when Mars ( Sevvai) is placed in 2nd, 4th, 7th , 8th or 12th place it is known as Sevvai / Ankarakaa / Kuja Dosham. We can match two horoscope, only when another chart also has the Ankaraka / Kuja Dosham.

Cancellation of Kuja Dosham:

But in Jothish Sastra, there are many combinations, placements and aspects ( views) of Mars and other planets to cancel this dhosham. Let us see one by one.

    1. When Mars ( Sevvai) placed in Mesham ( Aries), Rishabam (Taurus), Katakam (Cancer), Simham(Leo),Viruchikam (Scorpio), Dhanus (Sagittarius), Makaram (Capricorn), Kumbam (Aquarius) and Meenam (Pisces) then, NO Kuja Dhosham.
    2. When, Mesham, Katakam, Thulam (Libra), Makaram happens to be 2nd, 4th, 8th or 12th place and Mars is placed in these places, then NO Kuja Dosham.
    3. When Mars is in Mithunam (Gemini) or Kanni (Virgo) and happens to be 2nd place, then NO Dosham.
    4. When Mars is in Mesham or Viruchikam and happens to be 4th place, then NO Dosham.
    5. When Mars is in Katakam or Makaram and happens to be 7th place, then NO Dosham.
    6. When Mars is in Dhanus or Meenam and happens to be 8th place, then NO Dosham.
    7. When Mars is in Rishabam or Thulam and happens to be 12th place, then NO Dosham.
    8. When Mars is in Mesham, Simham, Viruchikam or Makaram and happens to be 8th or 12th place, then NO Dosham.
    9. When Raasi Lord, (where Mars is occupying in a chart), is placed in Lagna, 4th, 5th, 7th,9th, or 10th place from Lagna, then NO Dosham.
    10. When Mars is with or viewed (aspected) by Jupiter (Guru), Bhuthan(Mercury), waxing Moon ( Valar pirai) and by Sun (Suriyan), then NO Dosham.
    11. When the Lagna ( Ascendant) happens to be Katakam ( Cancer) or Simham ( Leo), then wherever the Mars is placed, NO Dosham.
    12. When Mars is with Saturn (Sani), Rahu or Ketu, or Mars is aspected (Viewed) by them, then NO Dosham.

Only when, these cancellation are not there in any chart, we can conclude, there is Sevvai/ Kuja / Ankaraka Dosham. Do you think, large number of people would have this Dosha?

Dasa Sandhi:

When you see any horoscope, please see the present running Dasa of a person. When that dasa is ending within 18 months from the day of verifying the chat or the same dasa is running for another person, (to whom the matching is done) then it is called Dasa Sandhi. When Dasa Sandhi is there, we should not match two horoscopes.

Time of Marriage:

When the Dasa or Bhukthi is strong as per the following planets or combination, the marriage will be performed.

    1. Planet placed 7th from Lagna
    2. Planet viewing (aspecting) the 7th place(house)
    3. The 7th Lord from the house lords mentioned earlier
    4. Star Lord of Sukran (Venus)
    5. Lord of Navamsa of Lord of Lagna (Ascendant)
    6. Rahu Dasa or Bhukthi
    7. Place where lord of 7th lord is placed in Raasi or Navamsa
    8. When Jupiter is transited (Gocharam) from Moon Raasi 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th place.
    9. Guru palan ( Good transit) when Jupiter moves to Dhanus, Katakam, Meenam
    10. When the person born during Aadi ( July 15th to August 15th) the placement of Sun in Navamsa or movement of Jupiter to that place (in navamsa) or when Sun is aspected by Jupiter during transit
    11. When the person born during Thai to Aani ( 6 months) placement of Venus in Navamsa or 5th or 9th place from Venus, when Jupiter transit to that place or when Jupiter view Sun in that place, when Sun transit to these places.
    12. When Venus or 7th lord transit to Lord of Lagna or 5th or 9th place in their Navamsa place.

Note and Request:

I hope you would be able to analyze the horoscope for your friends/ family members. The table attached is very comprehensive in one aspect and very short in other. Lot of man-hours has been spent to prepare this.

Please share this post with your friends as well, so that they can also know how to analyze the horoscope for marriage.