We at “The Ghanapati” will organize and perform the following Japa OR Homa by highly qualified Vedic Scholars rendering authentic Vedic Chants.


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Information regarding Custom Japa or Homa services based on your needs:

What do we do:

If you tell us a specific life related issue that you are facing, we will look into the 4 Vedas and associated texts, and suggest a Vedic Japa / Homa for that specific issue.
Examples of specific life related issues:

  • Health related issues
  • Fear of death
  • Wealth and Prosperity, Career Growth
  • For Education and Medha Shakti
  • For delayed marriage and desired marriage
  • Relief from End stage disease, Kidney disease
  • Sale of property / Land
  • Recovery of debts


If you already have a specific Vedic Japa / Homa that you want to do and you want us to arrange the Vedic Scholars proficient in that process, we will look into it and get back to you.
Examples of specific Vedic Japa / Homa:

  • Ekadasha Rudra Homa
  • Sri Sukta Homa
  • Mrityunjaya Japa / Homa
  • Nakshatra Navagraha Shanti Japa / Homa
  • Medha Suktam and Saraswati Sukta Japa


What we DON’T do:

We will not look at your birth chart / astrological chart and analyse it and then suggest a Japa / Homa.


It varies as it depends on type of Japa / Homa, number of Vedic Scholars etc.


Since we are based out of Bengaluru currently, we will be organizing it in Bengaluru.

Keeping the above information in mind, please feel free to contact Sri K Suresh, who will be organizing the Japa / Homa.

Email: suresh@ghanapati.com

Ph: +91-8147107101