Oshadhi Suktam

Oshadhi Suktam is a sacred Vedic chant that has the power to increase potency of herbs and medicine, and cure diseases.
Here, the Yajur Veda version of the chant is recited.

This mantra is rendered by Sri Govind Prakash Bhat Ghanapatigal and Sri Satyanarayana Bhat, and the audio production done by Sri K. Suresh.

This recitation is part of our upcoming Vedic album “Remedy and Peace” , which includes Navagraha Suktam, Nakshatra Suktam, Gosha Shanti as well

Please keep in mind that this is only a raw audio file that has been uploaded to cater to the thirst of our Vedic audience, and not mastered yet.
It is recommended that you listen to this audio using your headphones.

There are 2 voices – one in each ear. You can enjoy the clarity and depth, speed and rhythm and voice synchronization of the recitation.

After listening to it once, the listener can place the cursor randomly at different instances to appreciate the smoothness, pitch and the continuity of the recitation.

Enjoy and share it with your friends and relatives.