A Brief History of Vedas – Book (English)

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  • This book contains the details of Veda Śākhās (branches) and Śikshās prevalent during that time and enumerates about 175 Upanishads available today, which pertain to the four Vedas.
  • This book navigates the reader through the chronological development of the Veda from Mantras to Brāhmanam, Āranyakas, Upanishads, Sūtras and Pariśishṭas etc.
  • The book also lists the Vamśas (lineage) as per Sāma Veda and Śukla Yajur Veda. This book brings out some interesting facts about the creation of this world and Gāyatri Mantra from Gopata Brāhmanam of the Atharva Veda.
  • This book also attempts to answer a few questions like (a) who classified the Veda prior to Veda Vyāsa, (b) how Yājñavalkya was in no way related to Janaka (Sitā’s father) and (c) Vyāsa not mentioned in Vedic literature despite the Purānas applauding him a lot.
  • A flow chart of various preceptors beginning from Vyāsa is also provided and elaborates how the four Vedas branched out.
  • The systematic recitation of the Vedas through Ashta vikṛities has been explained in detail and the secret of getting the desired results from Vedic recitation. The book concludes with reasons for the origin of different Śākhās and their extinction.

Video about the book by the author Sri K Suresh