Sukla Yajur Veda Kanva Samhita & Pada Vol.1&2 – Book (Devanagari)


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  1. Volume 1 contains Adhyaayas (1 - 20). Volume 2 contains Adhyaayas (21 - 40) of Shukla Yajur Veda Kaanva Shaakha - Samhita & Pada Patha.
  2. This book gives the entire Samhitā Pāṭha and Complete Pada Pāṭha including the Galita or Ganānta Padas, so that students can have better understanding about how the Samhitā is formed with Padas.
  3. Samhitā is given in the left hand side and the relevant Padas are given in the right side for easy reference and understanding.
  4. The Galita or Ganānta Padas are marked separately in Grey Colour, so that the students can easily identify the Galita Padas and Śuddha Padas.
  5. The Samhitā portions are numbered with Adhyāya (Chapter No), Mantra No of the Chapter. and Number of sentences in each Mantra like a,b,c,d etc.
  6. In the Pada section, each Mantra is numbered in that Anuvāka. At the end of each Anuvāka, the total number of Padas of that Anuvāka, less the Galita or Ganānta Pada in that Anuvāka, and hence the total number of Śuddha Padas of that Anuvāka is given.
  7. At the end of each Chapter, an Anuvāka wise detailed table is given, showing the total Padas, Galita Padas and Śuddha Padas.
  8. A detailed search table (alphabetically) for each sentence (not Mantra alone) are given in the Annexure for all 4640 sentences.
  9. When there is a change or modification between Samhitā and Pada (both Samhitā format and Pada format is given in bracket), which must be considered as single Pada, for counting purpose. This is very useful while reciting Vikṛiti Pāṭhas.
  10. Vākhyānta Veshtana (ending of sentence) is indicated with "*" mark in Pada text. So, the Krama, Jata, Ghana etc has to be recited for those group of words till the "*" mark, though the sentence has ended as per the Samhita text.
  11. Suitable Avagraha and Visarga is included in the Samhitā, based on the Padas, so that students can understand the proper Sandhi, which is very unique in this book.

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