Suresha Paddhati – DVD (Part 2)


What is Suresha Paddhati ?

Suresha Paddhati is a form of Vedic Jugalbandhi. It is a method of reciting Samhita and other Vikrutis, like Ghana Patha from more than 1 Veda.
In this case Rig Veda and Krishna Yajur Veda are recited immediately and simultaneously, to highlight the difference in svara, pada, the place of its occurrences and the sandhi and grammar rules of the respective Vedas.

It also seems that there is a verbal competition between the Vedas that are recited.

Note – The concept of Suresha Paddhati is same in the DVD and the Audio CD, but the Vedic hymns that are recited are different. So there is no repetition of any mantras.

Watch the 12-minute preview of the DVD right here.

Please note that English subtitles will be provided for the interviews given by the public, who attended the event.

  • This DVD contains the recording of a Suresha Paddhati event conducted at  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai, India.
  • Veda Ghanapaatis from different parts of India were called to take part in this event.
  • In this event the mantras that are recited are the well known Sandhya Vandana mantras. Both the Samhita Patha and Ghana Patha of the mantras in Rig Veda and the Krishna Yajur Veda are recited.
  • A brief introduction of the Veda Ghanapaatis and their achievements are included.
  • Also watch out for the explanation of the various Vikruti Pathas in the Vedas.
  • This DVD is mastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound for a perfect sound experience.
  • Total Duration : 2 Hours 10 Minutes